Highly dedicated and extensive experience in testing Web, API, and mobile applications within diverse technological domains. Proficient in agile methodologies and in various testing tools, including Cypress, Playwright, and Postman, to ensure comprehensive testing coverage.

Kinsta (Hosting)

Jan 2023- present


  • Demonstrated proficiency in designing, maintaining, and executing test cases using the Playwright automation tool.

  • Adept at detailed test planning, including identifying test scope, formulating robust test strategies, and managing test execution to meet project objectives and quality standards.

  • Developing test cases using a BDD approach based on the user stories provided within the sprint using a web-based test management tool.

  • Proficient in documenting all aspects of the testing process and effectively communicating findings to the team.

  • Conducted extensive testing of web pages and various devices, ensuring optimal cross-browser and cross-device compatibility.

Elmo Software (HR)

Jan 2022- Dec 2022


  • Provided the final sign-off for both QA and production testing phases, ensuring product quality and readiness for release.

  • Collaborated closely with the development team to identify and promptly address impediments, ensuring a streamlined and efficient development process.

  • Played an active role in creating and prioritising the product backlog and roadmap, ensuring alignment with the product vision and strategic goals.

  • Conducted internal training sessions for the team to ensure a seamless integration of new feature capabilities, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

  • Provided documentation for all issues, release plans, product workflows, and test scripts, for reference and issue resolution.

EzyCollect (Fintech)

Jan 2021- Dec 2021


  • Contributed to the QA team's transition from manual testing to Cypress automation, significantly enhancing testing efficiency and maintaining high standards of quality assurance.

  • Managed the comprehensive coordination of end-to-end testing processes, carefully formulating test plans, and overseeing their execution through to production release.

  • Worked with cross-functional teams to define comprehensive test strategies and plans, ensuring alignment with project objectives and industry standards.

  • Conducted extensive training sessions for the QA team, facilitating a smooth transition to a new testing tool.

  • Experienced in documenting and reporting any issues discovered during test creation and execution, facilitating clear communication and prompt issue resolution.


April 2015- Dec 2020


  • Experienced in thorough manual testing across various web platforms and devices, ensuring comprehensive test coverage and the delivery of high-quality software

  • Experienced in creating and executing SOAP/ REST automated tests with Postman in Javascript.

  • Worked with a mySQL database and Tableau

  • Executed all levels of testing such as functional, regression and user acceptance testing

  • Detected and tracked software defects and inconsistencies

  • Experienced in updating existing applications to fix certain issues due to cross-browser compatibilities in Javascript

  • Experienced in creating and documenting user stories


  • Australian Catholic University, Sydney, Australia

    Bachelor of IT (2015 – 2018)